Fortunately Online Game Developers When Corona is Rampant, Why?

As a result of the spread of  the corona virus across the country, millions of people are afraid to go out of the room and prefer to play online games via mobile phones to occupy themselves.

This is supported from data reported by application research firm, Sensor Tower that the number of mobile game downloads globally jumped to 39 percent in February 2020, and China accounted for the majority of these figures, as reported by Techtimes, (6/3/2020) .

Overall, mobile game  slot online downloads touched around 4 billion globally, up from 2.9 billion a year earlier. Asia became the region with the highest jumps related to mobile game downloads by 46% to 1.6 billion in February.

Meanwhile, another analytical institution, App Annie also said that in China there was an increase in the number of game downloads reaching 62%. More than 22 million downloads have been recorded on mobile game distribution platforms in China since February.

“In the first three weeks of February, the average weekly game downloads in China have jumped 80%, compared to the average weekly downloads for the whole of 2019,” App Annie said.

In South Korea, for example, it has a 10.9 percent increase in mobile game downloads, totaling 56 million this February.

According to data from Annie’s App, puzzle games like “Brain Out” and Tencent’s online battle game, “Honor of Kings”, are among the most downloaded in China.

In addition, many people also spend a lot of money in a game called “Game For Peace” Tencent, a game similar to PUBG for the Asian market, is the most profitable in China. 

Then there was the game “Lineage 2”, which became the top ranked MMORPG game in user spending in South Korea.

“Gaming has become one of the main beneficiaries in terms of increasing the time spent due to quarantine [corona virus],” wrote Stephens analyst Jeff Cohen.