Playing Fun Games Plus Can Get Health Benefits, Anything …?

Playing Fun Games Plus Can Get Health Benefits, Anything – If someone says that playing games is identical with negative habits , don’t believe it too much! Because based on research, playing the game can actually bring a number of positive benefits, you know!

One of the benefits that can be taken from gaming is a positive impact on health. Not only physical health, but also mental health, aka body and soul.

Researchers abroad have done a lot of research related to gaming activities , which are usually done by children and adolescents. Gaming slot online excessively does have an effect on a decrease in productivity, but if done wisely, playing the game actually becomes one of the ‘cures’ for those of you who are experiencing fatigue or burnout.

Here are some health facts that can be summarized about the benefits of gaming for health;

1. Improve mood
After a variety of busy activities, both at school and work, playing games can make moods change for the better. Fatigue can disappear instantly when you take the time to gaming .

2. Reducing depression
Gaming is also able to reduce or even eliminate depression that you are experiencing, especially those related to work. When you spend about 10 minutes doing things that make you happy, your stress and depression will drop significantly.

3. Developing the ability to solve problems
It turns out that the game can develop one’s ability to solve problems. The conclusion of a study states, playing games can help children develop the ability to find solutions in every problem that is presented.

4. Learning endurance and facing failure
When children play games , parents can actually pay attention to what they will do if they lose or fail to reach points . Will they get angry or casually face it and try again. With gaming , children are actually invited to learn endurance and be able to deal with failure in a wise way.

5. Make relax
Gaming will make someone feel more relaxed. Research concluded, when the condition is relaxed, then the body will produce the hormone erotonin, dopamine, relaxins, or oxytocin, which makes you feel happy.