Why is the lower abdomen bigger?

Why is the lower abdomen bigger – The lower abdomen of women is sometimes more ‘fat’ or what is often called a bump. Quoted from the Mirror , this condition causes the lower abdomen to look fatter than the top.

A citizen expressed his confusion through social media Twitter. This confusion was then responded to by other citizens who also felt the same thing.

“I just found out, a belly that feels a little fatter at the bottom in women is the uterus? This should be taught more at school because I almost want to take my own uterus ,” said a Twitter user.

Citizens’ confusion was answered by a doctor who explained the cause of a woman’s lower abdomen to be more ‘fatter.’ According to him, the uterus in these areas should not be felt except when pregnant or having fibroids.

“The uterus is usually only measuring 3-4 inches, which is equivalent to 7-10 centimeters. The uterus is located inside a woman’s hip bones. During pregnancy, the uterus grows until it can be felt above the hip bones,” said Patient.info clinical director Dr. Sarah Jarvis.

This is common at 12 weeks of gestation. Another condition that can cause the lower abdomen to appear ‘fat’ is fibroid which is a benign tumor in the uterus. These tumors can result in more blood coming out during menstruation.

Women usually have more than one fibroid, but they are not large enough so that they cannot be felt above the hip bones or the base of the stomach. But in extreme conditions, fibroids can grow large to look like a 6 month pregnant woman.
The doctor’s explanation was welcomed positively by citizens and women who wrote a tweet about a lower belly that was ‘fatter.’ He just found out if the uterus is in the lower abdomen. While citizens make the doctor’s explanation funny material.

“It’s not fat, it’s just a big womb,” said netizens.